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gig at Koko

is anyone going to Owen's gig tomorrow night at Koko in Camden, London?

it is being run by Platforms:live. If you went to any of his gigs run by them then you get half-off the entry, provided you signed up to their mailing list. This means if you went to the amazing gig at the Union Chapel you're eligible for this offer.

Unfortunately Koko gigs are no cameras events so I won't get to try out the nightvision mode on my digicam for this gig :(

The half-price tickets are being sold through musicglue, a new venture that allows artists and managers to promote without paying through the nose. It also means you get get tix way cheaper. :D If you didn't recieve the invite for the musicglue tickets, you can still buy them full-price through Ticketweb.

The next day he is playing in Birmingham, so there's a chance for you folk in the midlands to attend too. :)

see you there!

edit: the show was huge! he went on at quarter to nine and left at about 10. so not very long! BUT. he played a few tracks from heartland. he also did some amazing work.  the best version of Do You Love? i have ever heard. and amazing work on CN Tower. also!!!!!! he did Fantasy! i've been waiting for him to cover Fantasy forever, and this is the first time I've heard it live. I'm so fucking stoked about it. It was amazing to see him play to such a huge crowd too, especially compared to the first time I saw him play at a tiny student union to a crowd of about 100. Really, a fantastic gig. Owen, stay in the UK for good!
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